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Melissa Lampman

Melissa Lampman

Melissa Lampman, 23

• Manlius

• Actor/Dancer/Model

Guest Performer Infinite Drive magazine premiere; No Hue (short film), role of “The Girlfriend”; Adult World extra; Dance Coach/Choreographer, “CNY Storm”; Professional dancer at Turning Stone Resort and Casino and its new traveling dance troupe, set to launch March 2013; Commercial, print, high-fashion modeling.

My dance background consists mostly of hip hop. Dance has allowed me the opportunity to stretch my capabilities beyond just the performance world. About five years ago I began modeling with a local photographer, Laura Marino. In my second photoshoot with photographer Megan Liscomb, I combined dance with photography and the rest is history. To this day, I am still being used to capture physical movement or what I like to call “energetic high fashion” shots. This type of modeling is exhilarating not only for myself but for the photographer and viewers. It is the kind of photograph that takes your breath away.

Several people who I have worked with professionally have commented on my stamina as a force to be reckoned with. When I model, I am known for going hours without taking a break. My longest shoot to date was with photographer Allen Redwing for approximately eight hours straight. The same goes for dancing. When I step foot in front of an audience, I immediately go into performance mode and I’m seeing red. By the time my set is over, I’m covered in my own sweat and am finally breathing at a normal pace. I am selfless when it comes to my friends, family and co-workers. I find that because of this quality, people are attracted to my persona and are comfortable with my presence. Being selfless builds trust and more importantly retains trust.

I hope to be a prestigious casting director in New York City. I am currently working on a new music video project and plan to continue these projects
in the future. Hopefully at some point I will be getting professionally paid for my work! But before I have to hang up my dancing shoes, I want to join an entertainment company as a performer in New York City. This would allow me to continue perfecting my craft and network with new people. Most importantly, I hope to be successful.

Photo by Daphne Cebek

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