Anchors Aweigh: DIY Nautical Vase

Get onboard with this shipshape craft inspired by lakeside living.

By Camille Malkiewicz, founder of Craftistas

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Photography by Kimberly Cook

Photography by Kimberly Cook


•  Clear cylinder vase

•  Wooden anchor

•  Sharpie (or paint)

•  Nylon rope (25-50 feet)

•  Ribbon

•  Hot glue gun (low heat)



Photography by Kimberly Cook

Photography by Kimberly Cook


1. Beginning at the bottom of the vase, add hot glue and secure the end of the rope to the vase.






Photography by Kimberly Cook

Photography by Kimberly Cook








Photography by Kimberly Cook

Photography by Kimberly Cook

2. Continue to steadily wrap and glue the rope until it covers half of the vase. (To measure your end point, place your thumb on the bottom of the vase and use your pointer finger to mark your stopping point while you wrap the rope.)







0613 craft edit _DSC06683. Cut the end of the rope and glue. The beginning point and the end point should line up on the back of the vase. (Quick tip: add hot glue or duct tape to

the end of the rope to prevent fraying and trim it beforehand.)




0613 craft edit_DSC06914. Size and cut ribbon around vase. Glue to secure.





0613 craft edit _DSC0701






0613 craft edit_DSC07145. Using a sharpie, color the wooden anchor (paint works just as well).





063 craft edit_DSC07306. Glue the anchor to the front of the vase.





0613 craft edit _DSC03427. You’re ready to set sail and impress guests with your handmade nautical vase!






Photography by Kimberly Cook

Photography by Kimberly Cook


Meet Captain Craftista

Name: Camille Malkiewicz, 23

Education: 11′ B.S. John Brown University (marketing, graphic design); 12′ M.A. Syracuse University (advertising)

Homebase: San Diego, C.A.

Design style: Boho Chic

Why Syracuse: Syracuse has a fantastic community that is willing to help your
business bloom.

Tell us about Craftistas: I began Craftistas, a monthly subscription service to DIY craft kits, six months ago with the intent to make trendy crafting convenient. I love Pinterest — there’s so much beauty and creativity that I can’t help but to be inspired! However, I found myself pinning these adorable DIY projects but never making them because I didn’t have the time. I looked high and low for trendy craft kits that contained projects I would actually be proud to make. But all I found were items that were off trend or childish. I knew I wasn’t the only gal that felt this way, so I created a service that would fulfill this need.

Every crafty woman needs: A glue gun and a great pair of scissors.

Free Advice: During the creative process, it’s so easy to get down on yourself because the final results aren’t always perfect. But that’s what crafting is all about. It’s an expression of self and a way to relax. The possibilities with crafting are endless, and there’s no formula for the perfect craft. So just get crafty!

Photography by Kimberly Cook

Photography by Kimberly Cook



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