Queen of the ‘Cuse

Photo by KImberly Cook

Photo by KImberly Cook

By Frank Ready

As the Executive Director of FOCUS Greater Syracuse, Chuckie Holstein has her ear pressed firmly against Central New York ground. A woman who has spent her 84 years on earth lending her voice to civic discourse, Holstein is currently helping others to do the same. 

Through FOCUS, Holstein has given shape and texture to ideas aimed at improving the quality of life in Syracuse, whether it’s biking trails along the Connective Corridor or the loop at Onondaga Lake.

On Syracuse:
I love Syracuse, I really love Syracuse. I fell in love with it when I first started coming here dating (her husband). There are some differences I felt in those days between Rochester and Syracuse. Syracuse is a very friendly community and I think a lot of it has to do with there are a lot of imports in Syracuse, me being one of them and the people who come here from other places love the area, the entire Central New York area. People who were born here are sometimes very negative, which is one of the reasons that FOCUS Greater Syracuse uses the Be Positive sticker because we were trying to help change the culture and attitude of the community and I think that over the past 12 years there’s been some movement in that direction. More